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New Product Concept Writing
Crystal Clear™ concepts crafted by writing professionals who’ve been in your shoes.

At Writing by Design, we’re not just journalism and English majors. We’ve been product managers and marketers, too. So we understand the innovation cycle. And because of that, we can help you develop clear, concise concepts in no time so you can unlock the launch gates faster and easier than ever before. Plus, using our flat-fee project pricing, you’ll not only receive Crystal-Clear™ concepts, you’ll also receive one price for your entire project—our guarantee that there’s no fuzzy, “out-of-scope” surprises on your bill.


Crystal Clear™ Qualitative Concept Writing

You have qualitative research coming up and need some concepts to test with consumers. Great! Writing by Design can help create flat-rate concepts for you to test on your own with consumers. We can even help with translations or attend research with you to help evolve concepts quickly onsite using your consumers’ feedback.

Using our proprietary Concept Blueprint™ Tool, we can help you sift through prior research and develop single-minded concepts that tap into consumer insights and maximize your new product ideas. By focusing on consumer benefits and helping you create strong reasons to believe (RTBs), we help companies like yours create unique concepts perfect for receiving consumer feedback in any qualitative research method, including focus groups, one-on-ones or online. Request an estimate

Crystal Clear™ Onsite, Evolutionary Concept Writing

Our onsite assistance during qualitative research, or “writing-on-the-fly” as we like to call it, has become increasingly popular as our clients seek to expedite their pre-launch research phase. Rather than showing up at qualitative testing with a static concept (or six), clients can opt to bring our experts along for faster evolution and development. Our seasoned writers evolve concepts onsite in real-time based on consumer feedback and reaction so that the next test group is presented with even richer, more compelling language. The result? Your team finishes qualitative research with a series of concepts that truly resonate with consumers, setting you up to score higher in quantitative.

Costs include flat fees for concepts prepared ahead of the research and a reasonable per diem cost for 24/7 writing assistance while at your qualitative session. Travel expenses are reimbursed by clients and are estimated up front without unnecessary markups. Request a referral on our Qualitative Concept Writing  Request an estimate

Crystal Clear™ Quantitative Concept Writing

When you’re ready to measure market potential through a quantitative study, creating tightly-focused and compelling concepts is the key to achieving launch success. Without garnering a substantial amount of top-two box purchase interest scores, concepts for even the most innovative, new product ideas will fail to launch. Writing by Design has proven success in assisting companies in achieving successful purchase interest scores with companies like A.C. Nielsen BASES testing, which translates into launch success for your innovative new product ideas. Request a referral on our Quantitative Concept Testing success. Request an estimate

5-facet Concept Review Services

If you’re developing new products, and your own internal teams have been writing your new product concepts, it may be time for a second set of eyes on them—and sharp ones at that.

Writing by Design offers a 5-facet review service for your concepts—similar to the five-point inspection your car gets at the shop—for a low, one-time, flat-fee cost per concept. In 24-48 hours, we’ll provide you with some pointers on how to improve your concepts so you can keep moving forward in the innovation funnel. 

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Crystal Clear™ Concept Writing College

Attendees at a WBD Concept College break into groups for their group writing exercise.Accelerate your innovation processteach your team how to write compelling, singleminded concepts.

Designed for entry-level to seasoned professionals, this concept writing training will teach marketers, product designers, research experts and marketing researchers how to build a winning concept for your new product launch.

A writing course customized to meet your organization’s needs

This one-day concept writing course featuring onsite instruction, real-world examples, hands-on writing exercises and evaluations by our writers works best for groups of 10 to 40 people and can be customized to utilize your internal corporate language for consistency in training for your company.

Concept College participant quoteWhy choose the Crystal Clear™ Concept Writing College? 

This instructor-led one-day concept writing workshop includes assistance from our experienced concept writers who have been writing successful concepts for over a decade. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive tools to help build your winning concepts.

Your teams will learn:

  • Why good concept writing is important
  • Why many concepts fail
  • Steps to improving your concepts
  • How to use our proprietary tools to improve results

Start writing better new product concepts today—schedule your WBD Concept College training soon! Request an estimate

Concept Translation Services

icon that has the word "hi" and an arrow to the word "hola" with another arrow back to "hi"Need your concepts translated to another language? From Spanish to Arabic and everything in between, we can convert your concepts to the language you need to test your concepts around the world. With a close watch on word choice to ensure your message stays intact and Crystal Clear for your global markets, we offer concept translation in more than 100 languages that goes beyond word-for-word translation.

Working with certified translators, we ensure the right dialect is used and pay close attention to cultural differences to keep your message consistent and meet the needs of an international market. 

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Want to talk with someone who has used Writing by Design for quantitative testing? Just give us your name and contact information and we’ll provide you with a referral from a company we’ve done business with that you can talk to.

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