Plugging in to provide regular writing support

Plugging in to provide regular writing support

Verve, a Credit Union

An ongoing relationship combined with seamless project management integration allows Writing by Design to act as the on-demand writing extension of the Verve team.


When this credit union has a communication need that calls for strategically aligned, on-brand language—such as a blog post, website content or a member communication—Verve needs only to ping Writing by Design to get our expert writing team working on the project.


Slipping into our client’s workflow without a splash

Flix in Stix handoutBecoming integrated in our client’s project management system, which manages the flow of tasks and keeps background information and related communications all in one place, allows Writing by Design to deliver copy quickly with no extra work added to our client’s plate.


Our team has handled a range of Verve’s day-to-day writing needs, from branch handouts to CEO speeches and more, but we have also stepped in to address urgent communication requests requiring sensitive language and rapid turnaround. Whether our writing support is scheduled over weeks or needed in a pinch, plugging into Verve’s project management system has proven to be straightforward and highly effective.


Once Writing by Design is assigned to a task, our team has access to all of the information and resources we need to provide the perfect copy for a powerful communication—all within the client’s timeline.


After we deliver copy, the client can provide our team feedback and advance the project to its final stages.


A relationship that only grows stronger over time

Providing ongoing writing support as an extension of the Verve team has helped us become familiar with our client’s expectations, as well as with the credit union’s brand voice and unique communication challenges.


As a result, our client’s communications get a boost of smart writing in addition to the efficiencies that come with integrated use of Verve’s project management system. As a long-term, integrated partner, Writing by Design can provide services that truly accelerate our client on the path to growth.


Whether you need help writing new content for your website or a speech for an upcoming event, Writing by Design’s expert team can help. 


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