Using Ideation and Concept Writing to Birth New Product Ideas

Using Ideation and Concept Writing to Birth New Product Ideas

When an infant care brand approached Writing by Design for help with some global product innovation work, we partnered with one of our strategic business partners to help infuse some new thinking into the walls of the company and bring solid concept ideas to life for testing.


Using creative catalyst and long-time strategic partner, Laurie Tema-Lyn of Practical Imagination Enterprises, Writing by Design was able to assist the client in hosting a full-day innovation session with a cross-functional team of marketers and R&D experts that led to a playground full of concept ideas.


Playing in a professional playground

Laurie, the queen of creativity, encouraged participants to imagine new worlds and push the boundaries of “in-the-box” thinking—even on a cold, gray day in February! Covering the room in colorful photos and sticky notes and trading pens and pencils for markers and crayons, participants were forced to think—and play—like children for the full day. From our work together, we were able to identify 10-12 solid ideas that became the basis of the 9-month, global concept-writing project that ensued.


From small idea to big business propositions

The Writing by Design team then set to work creating compelling, differentiated concepts that ranged from “can do it today” to “we would need some time to develop that.” Writing by Design handled translating the concepts for the client into three languages using our translations strategic partner, and used our in-house graphic design team to develop a comprehensive concept deck for the client to use in testing. The client scheduled various rounds of global qualitative testing where the concepts were evaluated and then tweaked post-results.


Charting a course for growth

The project received high marks in test, and with a few tweaks to concept ideas, provided the client with a solid foundation for future growth in this crowded category.


Want to infuse some fresh thinking and solid concept writing into your innovation pipeline?

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