Brewing up online product videos

Brewing up online product videos

Trilliant® Food & Nutrition

Writing by Design partnered with NorthCoast Productions to brew up a series of videos for Little Chute-based coffee producer, Trilliant® Food & Nutrition. With more and more consumers stocking their pantries via, and other online retailers, companies like Trilliant have an opportunity to satisfy shoppers’ appetites by serving up their products online—with a side of video.



From café to cart in a few clicks

Have you ever been standing in line at the café wondering what to order? What makes Columbia coffee different from breakfast blend? Why is cold brew such a hot trend? It would be easier to make a purchase if you had all the info, right?


Online shoppers ask the same questions, and Trilliant set out to help consumers choose between their brands’ coffee varieties by differentiating each one with a short, enticing video. Writing by Design created the vision for each video, wrote the scripts and worked with our preferred provider of all things video, NorthCoast Productions, to bring them to life on screen.


To help consumers discriminate among all the varieties, we focused on creating language and personality for each one to help set it apart from the others (our favorite may be the French Roast…ooh la lah!). Having developed the concepts and scripts for the videos, we played a valuable role during filming and post-production by providing direction and feedback to actors, videographers, editors and more.


A caffeine boost for our client’s bottom line

The result? A series of videos that not only helps consumers understand what they can expect from every sip but also uses mouth-watering imagery and crave-worthy descriptors to make clicking “add to cart” easy.


While we know that many people strike out to produce their own online videos, sometimes a blend of strategic, smooth writing and bold video can make for a rich, online communication for your brand. 


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