Partnering with local academy to support their strong foundation

Partnering with local academy to support their strong foundation

Lourdes Academy Marketing Planning 

When it comes to Lourdes Academy’s mission, there is no disputing its ongoing commitment to fostering academic excellence and deep-rooted faith in the community. But as a small organization with limited resources, it hasn’t always been easy for them to articulate the depth of their offerings to a very diverse audience of potential members.


Through a partnership with Writing by Design, Lourdes developed a strategic marketing planning process to carry them well into the next decade. It started with a detailed situational and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis. From there, the Lourdes team received guidance from Patti Purcell, Writing by Design president and Lourdes Class of ‘85 alumna, to help the Lourdes marketing committee better define their strategic goals, execute chosen tactics, and coach fellow internal personnel on how they can support the marketing efforts. The project wrapped up with an added bonus — the development of a new, and very fitting tagline, “Prepared for College. Prepared for Good.” The tagline, which was proposed by the Writing by Design team, capitalizes on the double entendre touting the school’s academic and religious benefits.


By supporting their strategic foundation, Writing by Design helped to equip Lourdes with the business-minded tools to engage each sector of its audience. Whether current and prospective members are focused on their child’s future educational success or continued journey in faith, Lourdes now has the marketing planning skills and tools to deliver the right information at the right time.


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