Navigating change with CrystalClear℠ Communications

Navigating change with CrystalClear℠ Communications

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Kimberly-Clark Change Management

As humans, we encounter change every day. Sometimes those changes are subtle—like a new toothpaste tube design, a new coffee flavor at your favorite convenience store or the absence of a charging port on your new phone. Those changes may cause a little grumbling as you adapt, but are overall easy to accept as the perceived impact on our lives is relatively small.


Organizational change, however, faces much more resistance and not-so-happy feedback from employees. But why? Organizational change often times brings with it fear (of the unknown, job loss, role changes, etc.), an unclear message on “what’s in it for me” or a belief that it won’t be successful.


Taking a strategic approach to change management communications

That’s why a strategy-focused change management plan outlining how to communicate change to key stakeholders makes all the difference. One of Writing by Design’s clients, Kimberly-Clark Corporation (K-C), has a Prosci-trained change management team who helps K-C navigate a variety of organizational changes, from implementing new IT systems to adopting workplace renovations. They partner with Writing by Design for assistance developing and sharing CrystalClear℠ change communications with employees.


For K-C’s Workplace Transformation project, Writing by Design used the Prosci ADKAR (Awareness Desire Knowledge Ability Reinforcement) model to develop a change management communication strategy to reach employees with key communications at each stage of the change curve. The plan included posters, informational events, videos and even a giant indoor billboard.


Adding beauty—and awareness—by rethinking a temporary construction wall

Part of Kimberly-Clark’s Workplace Transformation project includes renovating existing buildings. That means employees are relocated to temporary workspaces and there’s a flurry of renovation activity, from the presence of construction workers, to increased dust, and areas closed and walled off to keep employees safe during the renovations.


When a temporary wall was installed in a high-traffic hallway—that joins two buildings together AND leads to the cafeteria—Writing by Design took the opportunity to develop a giant indoor billboard that would allow for months of change communications impact.


Not only does the billboard brighten the space with a colorful design, but it also gives K-C an opportunity to share key Workplace Transformation messages during six months of the project—like types of workspaces, a timeline, and benefits and logic behind the changes—in a new medium. The wall was also designed to allow for monthly content updates and includes an added incentive to check out the wall: a quiz with chances to win prizes.


Need help with your change management communications?

Whether it’s facilities, IT, organizational or another major change, let us help you develop a successful change management communication strategy to guide your employees through the stages of change.


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