Names with benefits can boost qualitative testing

Names with benefits can boost qualitative testing


Our day-to-day lives are so chalk full of product and company names that it’s easy to take them for granted. Like any piece of marketing, however, names send us a carefully constructed, albeit subtle, message about a brand. That’s why CPG companies often call upon Writing by Design early in the innovation process to help zero in on the new product name that will inform branding efforts down the road. Sometimes, the goal is to choose a name that not only reflects but also capitalizes on the consumer benefit of the new product.


Naming Case Study: Depend® Silhouette™ and RealFit™

When Kimberly-Clark’s Depend® brand team was preparing to launch an innovative new underwear product, they called upon Writing by Design to help with concept writing. Although the Depend® brand had carved its success out of touting protection benefits, during research the team discovered a truly hidden benefit that resonated with consumers—discretion. Writing by Design quickly went to work refining the concepts to reflect this insight, and proposed the names “Silhouette™” and “RealFit™” to reflect the overall consumer benefit. The rest, as they say, is history!


While Depend® Silhouette™ and RealFit™ were launched using the names Writing by Design recommended, including a placeholder product name in concepts can be beneficial during qualitative testing even if the new products end up being launched with a different name. In concept writing, it’s Writing by Design’s job to serve up a unified benefit message, and a name that communicates the benefit of the new product idea—placeholder or not—can go long way in getting accurate feedback from consumers in focus groups.


That being said, history has proven that brand names that have little to do with consumer benefit can also be successful—think Starbucks or Adidas. Either way, Writing by Design can help plant the seeds of benefit-oriented new product names early in the innovation cycle to help make qualitative testing more successful and ultimately lead to a faster launch.


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