Engaging consumers with blog and eNewsletter content

Engaging consumers with blog and eNewsletter content

MARCO Promos

As a leader in the online promotional product and meeting supplies industry, MARCO Promos strives to build a dynamic relationship with their customers by serving up relevant and engaging content on their blog and in regular eNewsletters. MARCO tapped Writing by Design to help write this content designed to engage, educate and inspire consumers to choose MARCO promotional products.  


Turning our client’s ideas into engaging blog posts  

Writing by Design’s work for MARCO is a form of ghostwriting, where our expert team handles the writing work while our client then gets to offer strategic, compelling communications to their customers. When it comes to creating blog posts for MARCO’s audience, all our team needs is a little direction to get started. Whether the topic is sustainability or journaling tips, we do the research and use our years of marketing and writing experience to transform our client’s ideas into ready-to-use content that can be shared online at any time. 


As with every project, our team takes the time to learn the ins and outs of our client’s brand as well as their marketing objectives. This way, each communication reflects our client’s style or unique brand voice, speaks to the client’s audience about key products and, most importantly, serves a specific purpose. Staying grounded in strategy is how we make sure our marketing services deliver the value our clients deserve. 


Blog plus eNewsletter—the perfect combination 

Writing blog posts for MARCO helps them accomplish two marketing goals at once: MARCO can update their website with fresh content, creating a richer experience for consumers and improving search engine optimization, and they also end up with a new article to feature in their regular eNewsletters. According to one study, 72 percent of U.S. adults prefer to receive communications from companies via email, so what better way to engage consumers than with relevant content delivered right to their inbox? 


Need help with a marketing project of your own? Whether it’s a series of blog posts, a video, a white paper or another communication, Writing by Design’s Marketing Services can help you connect with your target audience and boost your bottom line. Tell us about your project.


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