Unboxing fresh concepts with collaboration

Unboxing fresh concepts with collaboration

MARCO Promos Super Hero Direct Mail “Peace”

MARCO Promos Unleash your super genius boxAs an industry leader in promotional products with a history of excellent customer service, MARCO Promos prides itself on giving their customers peace-of-mind with every order—and has garnered a reputation for doing just that. To capitalize on their strong reputation and their desire to let the world know about their track record, they decided to start 2018 with an email campaign that would do just that. Looking for outside collaboration from a trusted partner, MARCO asked Writing by Design to serve as the writing and strategy extension of their marketing team to make that happen.


Ideation sessions: the secret ingredient to Crystal Clear messaging

Writing by Design’s first step with any project is hosting an ideation session to brainstorm creative and unique concepts that will deliver on a client’s marketing needs. With any ideation session, a sense of trust, openness and positive energy is crucial to brainstorming fresh concepts and reaching a client’s goals, as is a clear understanding of objectives and goals. The Writing by Design team met prior to the brainstorming session with the Marco team to better understand the project background, objectives and key deliverables.

Like other promotional product companies, MARCO Promos had historically sent marketing “toolkits,” a box filled with sample promo products they thought their clients might be interested in, to current customers every year. But the toolkits were always sent without a message, and this time, they wanted to incorporate the “peace-of-mind” messaging—and send to both current customers and potential ones. So Writing by Design planned and led an ideation session to get the creative juices flowing on how best to bring that message to life with a fresh, new toolkit mailing.


“Unboxing” fresh concept ideas

On a sunny Friday morning, Writing by Design led the collaborative team through a variety of exercises that helped them brainstorm a long list of new and innovative concept ideas—from a spa relaxation toolkit series featuring wine glasses and sleeping masks to a seasonal series that included Halloween fidget spinners—to help MARCO differentiate themselves from the competition while delivering a solid “peace-of-mind” messaging. There were so many great ideas, but the winning concept idea delivered on a trendy activity called unboxing.

The term unboxing refers to when someone enjoys unwrapping packages from companies because it provides a gift-like experience. Building on positive customer experience, unboxing provided the perfect opportunity for Marco Promos to deliver the toolkit with a relevant messaging in a fun, trendy way.


Marcy Mailer to the rescue!

During the same timing as the direct mail project, Marco Promos was also in the process of implementing a cartoon super hero affectionately named “Marcy” on their promotional items website and wondered if there was a way to incorporate her into the direct mail piece as well, and KABOOM! The super hero “Marcy Mailer” was born.

The Marcy Mailer consisted of a box that customers opened (or unboxed) to find a Marcy charging cord and a promotional flyer that promised a “charge up in branding” with the help of MARCO Promos.

The result? A direct mail campaign that increased brand loyalty, awareness and gave MARCO Promos a strong, new visual positioning in the industry.


Writing by Design: Turning YOU into a marketing Super Hero

Whether a client needs help guiding brainstorming sessions and meeting strategy objectives, someone who can provide new insights, concept ideas and copy, or someone who can take charge of everything from project management to writing to graphic design to printing, Writing by Design can step in as part of your marketing team.


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