SEO Copywriting and Landing Page Development

SEO Copywriting and Landing Page Development

Lisa Klarner Coaching and Consulting

Lisa Klarner, owner of Lisa Klarner Coaching and Consulting, hired Writing by Design to help her develop website copy that not only reflects her work as a professional life coach, but also helps her show up higher in search results. 


Marketing-minded copy that delivers results 

Photo of a phone with LK Coaching website on screenAnyone can write copy that informs, but writing SEO copy that informs, engages and converts readers to leads? That takes an experienced marketing copywriter who puts themselves in the shoes of their audience, which is exactly how we approached the website copy for Lisa Klarner Coaching and Consulting.  


As with all of our projects, we took time upfront to meet with Lisa and talk through who her audience is, what they are looking for and WHY they are looking for it. This helps us write copy that her audience will connect with, and also answer common life coach and mental health questions people may be searching for. 


The result? Refreshed website copy that drives traffic and attracts and engages more leads. Lisa even saw a 2.84% increase in pages per session, showing that refreshed copy kept her audience more engaged and lead them to look at more pages on her site. 


Landing new leads with a short and simple landing page 

In addition to refreshing her website copy, Lisa asked us to help her develop a landing page she could use to support print and email ads. Her goal: break down barriers to working with a life coach by getting people to schedule a free initial coaching session (which will hopefully lead to follow-up sessions). 


We created a landing page that very quickly lists how to sign up for a free trial along with quick background on Lisa and reasons to try life coaching.  


The result: A landing page that can be used with more than one ad or campaign and keeps on providing leads for her business. Now that’s a win-win.


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