Captivating Target Audiences with Social Media

Captivating Target Audiences with Social Media

Social Media with Learn 2 Fish With Us

Any business today will tell you the importance of social media. Unlike traditional media, social media is a two-way street. Not only can your business broadcast your message, your aud

ience can react providing even better customer service and improved public relations.


Working side-by-side with the nonprofit Learn 2 Fish with Us, Writing by Design helps bolster up their social media presence.


Running Giving Tuesday videos and a contest to “Get Your Fish On” to win the Ultimate Summer Countdown Fishing Package, we helped boost shares, comments, likes and reach on their Facebook page. Overall it was a 70.5% increase in engagement!


Bringing families together through education and inspiring beginning anglers, social media gives them an opportunity to share videos, images and experiences when some aren’t able to make their events. By encouraging families to enjoy the outdoors through hiking, fishing and hunting, we see social media used for good.




Not very active on social media? It could be an opportunity that you are missing. Social media can showcase that communication is important to your company, connect you to new customers, increase awareness and even boost your sales.


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