Helping LiftFund Prepare Entrepreneurs for Challenges

Helping LiftFund Prepare Entrepreneurs for Challenges

For more than 21 years, LiftFund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has helped people from all backgrounds and walks of life achieve the American Dream by providing business lending to women and minority entrepreneurs who do not have access to capital from traditional lenders. Along with indispensable financial support, LiftFund provides educational services to borrowers at no costWhile the loans themselves enable people to launch and grow their businesses, borrower education is essential to fostering long-term self-sufficiency. 


LiftFund came to Writing by Design in need of an efficient, cost-effective way to serve up educational content for borrowers in accessible, “bite-sized” portions. 


Encouraging clear-sighted, thoughtful perspective on entrepreneurship 

LiftFund needed direct and plain-spoken video content to help loan applicants evaluate whether they have what it takes to succeed at small business — and Writing by Design and our video production partner were ideally matched for the task at hand. As a small business owner herself, WBD president Patti Purcell could readily draw from her own experience and speak from the heart. 


Many entrepreneurs are putting everything they have on the line to make a go of their dreams, and they deserve straight talk about what it takes to make it,” Patti said. Writing by Design developed a video focused on eight essential characteristics needed for success as an entrepreneur, with real-world examples to help borrowers envision their own future challenges. 


As aspiring small business owners work through LiftFund’s lending application process, they are also funneled through a parallel process of candid self-reflection. This extra level of attention helps borrowers anticipate the demands that lie ahead as they pursue their goals. As a result, borrowers take on financial responsibility with a clear-eyed vision of small business ownership. 

One (month) and done 

Together with our video production partner, Writing by Design outlined, scripted and produced an eight-minute video using LiftFund graphics, stock images and text supers accompanied by a high-quality professional voiceover. Images were selected for staying power, helping to ensure the video’s long-term use by LiftFund, and the content was constructed and arranged in a way that images could be changed without needing to recreate the entire video. 


By getting to the heart of the needs of LiftFund and its borrowers, Writing by Design delivered all the essentials in a versatile, easy-to-use package — and in only 20 business days from launch to completion.  


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