Using animation to visualize product benefits

Using animation to visualize product benefits

Global Infant Care Brand

Articulating the consumer benefits of a new product idea is at the heart of Writing by Design’s Crystal Clear℠ concept writing services. In some cases, that written message can be enhanced visually, which is just what one global infant care brand had in mind when it asked Writing by Design to help create a benefit visualization, or BV, for one product.


To get the job done, we teamed up with one of our strategic business partners, NorthCoast Productions, combining concept writing with video animation to produce a powerful benefit visualization.


Simplifying complex communications using animation

If a picture can speak a thousand words, then a product demo animation can speak a million. That’s why, while not everyone may be familiar with the term benefit visualization (BV), everyone has seen them in TV ads. Showing how much liquid a paper towel can hold, how much mess a vacuum can clean up and how silky a conditioner makes hair are all examples of BVs.


Whether live or animated, a brief clip of a product in action is often the most direct way to show consumers why they should be interested in buying it.


That’s where NorthCoast Productions comes in.


Writing by Design partners with like-minded providers such as NorthCoast to offer our clients a range of powerful communication-related capabilities. In the case of the benefit visualization, our expert concept writers provided the vision and script for the short animation while NorthCoast delivered state-of-the-art animation to bring it to life.


The result of this seamless collaboration? A hard-hitting animation that made the benefit of our client’s product easy to grasp for viewers.


Behind every impactful visual lies “Strategic Thinking and Crystal Clear℠ Writing”

Just as it takes a good script to produce a classic film, an effective explainer video depends on clearly articulated product features and benefits—the building blocks of a well-written concept. Because we always start at square one with compelling writing and keep an eye on innovation strategy, the sky’s the limit for the ways our concept writing team can bring to life the benefits of your new products or ideas.


If you’re working on a new product launch requiring strategic communication—whether in a benefit visualization or in concepts for testing—Writing by Design offers a concept writing service for the job. Tell us about your project.


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