Helping a London-based, start-up market research firm prepare for a international launch

Helping a London-based, start-up market research firm prepare for a international launch


With U.S. companies as a key component of their target audience, brand-new, London-based market research firm FieldworkHub entrusted Writing by Design with the task of preparing their website copy for a stellar launch. We worked side-by-side with these determined entrepreneurs to ensure the company’s website content  sends a powerful message to readers halfway around the globe—right from the get-go. At the same time, we tapped into our search engine optimization (SEO) expertise to integrate keywords into the website content, giving FieldworkHub an edge on competitors in online search results.


Taking subtle language differences out of the sales picture

FieldworkHub provides research solutions to companies primarily in the U.S. looking to conduct quantitative and qualitative market research in the U.K. and Europe. With this specific target came a need to fine-tune the language on their website to appeal to their U.S. audience, and Writing by Design’s wordsmithing experts were ready for the challenge. Collaborating with FieldworkHub’s team, we analyzed the firm’s website copy keeping an eye out for terminology that could lead to miscommunication between their U.S. and European audiences and arrived at solutions that resonated with all readers.


In addition to honing the writing on FieldworkHub’s website, our team offered comments on the script of their new company overview video while it was still in production. With experience developing videos  for clients (and for Writing by Design), we were able to suggest voiceover and visual changes to ensure the video tells the right story with all viewers while serving FieldworkHub’s strategic objectives.


Integrating keywords and strategic language to boost SEO

Website content is only as powerful as the number of readers it reaches, underscoring the importance of SEO services. On the other hand, simply stuffing website content with keywords can lead to clunky copy that doesn’t serve a company’s overarching marketing objectives and can even be harmful with today’s increasingly critical search engine algorithms.


It takes a keen writer to marry strategic writing and SEO website optimization, which is just what we accomplished for FieldworkHub. In fine-tuning their website content, we sought opportunities to seamlessly integrate keywords into the copy to improve FieldworkHub’s organic SEO. With writing that is both compelling to their entire audience and outfitted for search engines, our client can rest assured that their website will continue delivering its intended results following a successful launch.


Is your business’s website content in need of a review—or even a revamp? Writing by Design’s Web Content services can help make sure your site is optimized for search engines while hitting your marketing objectives (and reaching consumers) with clear, compelling content.


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