Innovation Services



When it comes to launching your new or improved product, speed is everything, and securing a green light on your new idea requires two key ingredients: an awesome new product idea and a CrystalClear℠ concept to go with. Well-written concepts can speed up the testing process, saving time and money, and even unlock that great, mythical pot o’ gold market share winnings.  


With broad experience in marketing and writing for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, we know what it takes to move an idea through the innovation funnel. Let us help you—or your teams—better articulate new product ideas and unlock launch gates faster than ever before. 

Concept Development


We can help you create test-ready concepts that will carry your new product ideas from the backroom to the boardroom and onto the shelf. 


Speed up innovation



We’ll help you set up and gather key consumer insights from an engaging, interactive brainstorming session with your target audience. 


Tap into consumer insights

Concept Reviews


Are your concepts built on strong consumer insights? Is the promise or benefit clear? Send us your existing concepts and we’ll point your revisions in the right direction. 


Test your concepts

Concept Training


Powerful ideas are worth sharing. Schedule a training, and we’ll teach your team all you need to know start writing your own winning concepts. 


Empower your teams