How We Work


We’re not love doctors, but we are experienced marketers. We’ll keep you in the loop as we work from strategy and concepting all the way to design and production so there are no surprises when we hand over your strategy-aligned deliverables. 

What We Do For Clients

Marketing Production Plus

Our number one priority is our clients -and that’s why they keep coming back for more. We can be that necessary ongoing partner to supplement your marketing team.

What can we do for you? Weekly assignments such as blogs and landing pages, job briefs and more! Writing by Design offers discounted hourly pricing for on-going work. Contact us to learn more.

Photo of two Writing by Design team members kicking off a project with clients

Kick-off Meeting

Let’s take time to get to know the ins and outs of your project. We’ll review relevant materials, talk through strategy and tactics, develop a project scope, and set goals and objectives.


Creative Brief

We’ll distill our kick-off conversation into one crucial document. By centering our efforts on a creative brief, we ensure that our marketing tactics are grounded in strategy and speak to your target audience. 


Flat-Rate Pricing

After we work with you to identify the project scope, we provide a flat-fee estimate for our work. What you see in the estimate is what you get. No surprises.


Brainstorming, reviews, revisions, production—our timelines include milestones for each. We use a comprehensive project management tool to plan, track, collaborate with you and deliver your projects in a timely fashion. 



Creativity is what we do best—and we have fun when we do it—but we always back our brainstorming with serious research and well-articulated goals.  



Those ideas from our ideation session? We start with concepts, or big ideas and share them with you to ensure we’re heading in the right direction. 


With concepts approved, the work of distilling ideas into CrystalClearwriting begins. The result? Inventive, engaging copy that resonates with your audience. 



Combined with strategic copy, design amplifies your brand and guides your audience through your message. We’ll align every detail to your purpose. 



With your sign-off on design, we’ll bring your project to life in the perfect format—print, video, ad, landing page, email and more. 

Cue the fireworks!