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Teach your teams to write compelling, single-minded concepts through our CrystalClear℠ Concept Writing College. Designed for entry-level and seasoned professionals alike, this one-day, onsite concept writing training teaches marketers, product designers, research experts and marketing researchers how to write new product concepts for new product launches. 


Featuring onsite instruction, real-world examples, hands-on writing exercises and evaluations by our writers, our concept writing course works best for groups of 10 to 40 people and can be customized to use your internal corporate language. Plus, you’ll receive access to exclusive tools to help build your winning concepts. 


“Writing by Design did a great job making it relatable and easy to understand by using examples. I have already applied the training and it works great!” -Concept College Participant


headshot of patti purcell

Patti Purcell

Principal, Writing by Design


Patti brings 25+ years of journalism and marketing skills together to provide national and international companies with outstanding concept writing and marketing communications services via the company she founded in 2006, Writing by Design. Her growing company, which is based in Wisconsin, ties strategic thinking, efficient processes and Crystal Clear℠ thought and execution into all projects supporting clients large and small.

Your teams will learn:

  • Why good concept writing is important
  • Why many concepts fail
  • Steps to improving your concepts
  • How to use our proprietary tools to improve results

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