Concept Development


R&D, engineering, or even your consumers may come up with the next big idea for a new product, but if you can’t articulate its features and benefits according to what your consumers really care about, the shiny new concept goes back to the shelf of broken dreams. 


Writing by Design can help create concepts for you to test on your own with consumers. We can even help with translations or attend research with you to help evolve concepts quickly onsite using your consumers’ feedback. 


New Product Idea Generation

Whether it’s a from-scratch idea or a product line extension, we can help you develop new product ideas by tapping into your consumers with co-creation exercises or identifying opportunities within existing product categories.

Qualitative Concept Writing

By focusing on consumer benefits and strong reasons to believe (RTBs), we develop single-minded concepts that are ready for consumer feedback in qualitative research.

Quantitative Concept Writing

The goal: top-two box purchase-interest scores through programs like Nielsen BASES testing. The strategy: CrystalClear℠ concepts that hit the target on the first try and earn the ‘go for launch.’

Onsite Evolutionary Concept Writing

Our seasoned concept writers can sit in on your qualitative sessions to generate even better concepts in real time directly from consumer feedback, so you finish qualitative testing ready to soar in quantitative.

Concept Translation

Don’t let fine-tuned concepts get lost in translation. To make sure they resonate anywhere in the world, we work with in-country translators certified in more than 100 languages to account for dialect and cultural nuances.

Benefit Visualization

An updated term for claims demos or side-by-side demos, BVs are making a comeback. Let’s use animation or video to turn your product’s technical claims into clear points of differentiation.

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