Getting your Marketing Communications Spring Break Ready

Getting your Marketing Communications Spring Break Ready

Spring is on its way—which means it’s a perfect time to spruce up your marketing strategy and get your communications spring break ready. Sharpen your marketing skills this season by learning a thing or two from those preparing for a highly anticipated week of warm, sunny skies. Just as you would research trip destinations, book a flight and pack your bag, your marketing benefits from advance preparation. Here are a few ways to ensure your marketing communications planning goes…well, as planned.

Where Do You Want to Go?
The steps to prep for a spring break trip are similar to re-strategizing your marketing plan. In both instances, early planning is always beneficial. Intentionally mapping out your budget and ideal destination will help you narrow down where you are headed. When researching trip destinations, it’s good practice to first think of every place you have ever wanted to go—think of it like your “bucket list.” Then, cross off the places you can’t afford to go, or that or aren’t feasible this time around, to help narrow down the options. 

In the same way, you can apply this thinking to find your target audience. No one can travel to every place on their list, and you probably won’t be able to market to every single target audience at once. Make a list of pros and cons for your ideal target audiences. Taking time to intentionally think through your clientele objectives will help you make well-informed decisions and set realistic expectations. Narrow it down to pinpoint the direction you are heading this time around and save your longer list for a time when you can shift to another target.

How Do You Want to Get There?
After first choosing a trip destination, a spring break go-getterwould have to determine their mode of transportation. There are numerous ways to arrive at a spring break location: flying, road-tripping, riding a bus or a train. The same is true for your marketing mediums. How will you get your message to its destination? Choose the channels that will be the most effective for you to achieve your desired results. Whether that’s through email marketing, direct mail, SEO content posted on your website or videos, determine the best method to get to your final destination. Then, implement it.

Pack for the Destination
Packing is a necessary step. By listing out the activities and adventures a spring break trip will entail, you can start to gather the clothes and gear you need and shop for what’s missing. Jam-pack the must-haves into a suitcase and you’re good to go! Just like packing for a trip, too much or too little of anything will not serve you well. Decide on the essentials for your marketing plan. What content do you already have that you can reuse or repurpose? What do you need to build from scratch? Plan ahead when creating new content—like you do when shopping for new outfits—and reintroduce existing content that worked well before. Bring it all together for the perfect combination.

Have Fun—and Go with the Flow!
Was it even vacation if you didn’t have fun and make memories that last a lifetime? When the countdown is up and spring break is finally upon you, it is up to you to go with the flow and soak up the adventure. A marketing communications strategy is the same. A plan is absolutely necessary but even so, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. So be flexible, and don’t worry! You can still go with the flow and reach your goals. Continue to keep your objectives in mind, and your communications will support your success.

With a little planning and a lot of strategizing, your “spring break” communications can shine this spring! Follow the same process of preparing for spring break: research your target audience, choose your channels and compile your content — have a little fun in the process and your brand will flourish. Re-evaluate your progress throughout the year and remind yourself of your objectives to stay on target. As the warmer weather inspires creativity and ambition, spring is an excellent time to analyze the performance of new campaigns and start fresh with sunny energy. Use our tips for a plan that out-performs last season.

We’d love to hear from you! What are your targeted marketing destinations and goals this spring? Comment below.

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism and graphic design and previous digital marketing experience, Kristin Kenowski knows that the key to creating a lasting impression is a dash of creativity paired with a clear and concise message. Prior to joining the Writing by Design team, Kristin worked at a nonprofit for over four years where she developed the social media strategy, managed innovative email marketing campaigns, and increased audience engagement with a variety of marketing efforts.