Writing by Design’s 13th Anniversary: Anything but Unlucky

Writing by Design’s 13th Anniversary: Anything but Unlucky

According to Fundera, one in five entrepreneurs fail in the first year and seven out of ten fail in their 10th year in business. We’re happy to announce Writing by Design (WBD) has significantly defied these numbers, celebrating its 13th year in business this month.

“Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that it has been as long as it has,” Patti Purcell, Writing by Design’s president, said. “Every entrepreneur dreams that their company will beat those statistics and continue to grow, and we have.”

And the hard work and dedication by its president, employees and strategic partners is exactly what has led to so much success.

The Writing by Design team celebrated the 13th anniversary with flowers and sharing treats with the whole Regus office.

Purcell said she her first nine years in business were spent building the foundation of the company by developing a strong client base, a strong business model and client management strategy for success. Writing by Design hired its first employee in 2015 to provide extra support to continue meeting client’s needs and produce creative, CrystalClear℠ solutions.  

“Our customers continue to grow because they value the work we do and the people doing it for them,” Purcell added.

The organization is planning for growth, starting with more service offerings that stretch beyond the strategic writing for which they are known.

Over the past 13 years, Writing by Design has already gradually transitioned itself into more than just a writing agency, so inching its way into the marketing agency space comes as no surprise to those who know Writing by Design well. From copywriting with effective SEO, product launches, radio ads, email newsletters, website redesigns, print collateral, and radio and video productions, the team has consistently provided the wide variety of marketing communications now showcased on their new website, which launched this week to coincide with the company’s anniversary.

With a higher demand for these services from their clients and prospects, Writing by Design’s new range of services offer broader graphic design and production needs as they arise. This progression was made possible with help from Writing by Design’s high-quality strategic partners, who have provided video, graphics, branding, strategy and more in partnership with WBD. But that doesn’t mean that writing is going away.

“At the end of the day, we still believe everything we produce is grounded in writing and strategy and that is what makes us different,” Purcell said. “Writing is the glue that holds it all together, and for other agencies, it may be an afterthought.”

One client, Lisa Klarner, working with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), offers her congratulations on the 13th anniversary and said she enjoys working alongside the team at Writing by Design to come up with quality solutions.

“The best part of working with WBD is the team,” Lisa said. “They have a great group of creative people who shape pictures and words into powerful messages.”

With their recent move into the “more-than-just-a-writing-company” space, Purcell added that while the name pays homage to Writing by Design’s initial company launch, it is no longer reflective of the broad range of services provided. So, is a name change on the horizon?

“We haven’t decided yet,” Purcell said. “But we do know that sometimes things need to change to keep up with the times, and after 13 years, things have sure changed and so maybe it’s time!”

What do you think? Should Writing by Design change its name? By commenting below with suggestions, your idea just might launch us into the next 13 years!

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism and graphic design and previous digital marketing experience, Kristin Kenowski knows that the key to creating a lasting impression is a dash of creativity paired with a clear and concise message. Prior to joining the Writing by Design team, Kristin worked at a nonprofit for over four years where she developed the social media strategy, managed innovative email marketing campaigns, and increased audience engagement with a variety of marketing efforts.