Add a Latte Spice and a Little “Seasoning” to Your Q4 Marketing Schedule

Add a Latte Spice and a Little “Seasoning” to Your Q4 Marketing Schedule

As crisp autumn scents fill the air and leaves begin to fall, most companies are wrapping up fall marketing and aiming to score big in the last quarter of the year. Along with those changes comes a sense of urgency. Urgency to finish strong. Urgency to complete unfinished marketing projects, budgets and plans. Urgency to ensure all your ducks are in a row. And urgency to do your best before 2020 arrives.  

Take a deep breath. You’ve got this! This is the time of the year where teams get a chance to review past marketing efforts and re-examine goals. It is an opportunity to shift with the seasonal tide, refocus and discover the best business promotion ideas. By utilizing this fall marketing checklist, we’re certain that you’ll be set up for success. You’ll be all set to enjoy a warm cup of pumpkin spice latte, cheer on your favorite football team and breathe in the crisp fall air without worry. 

1. Review Marketing Campaigns from this Year
The good news is the wheel does not need to be reinvented. By resurrecting marketing campaigns from earlier in the year, you can duplicate past success and boost efficiency and productivity. Use this time to go back to the basics and listen to your customers. Apply your market research from past customer satisfaction surveys and product research, and don’t forget to focus on what your company/business does best. What’s the best way you can reach your audience and provide an experience that keeps them coming back for more? 

2. Plan out your Calendar
You’ve heard the saying that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail, and this is so true. Start small by mapping out your marketing promotion ideas, end of the year communications, budget plans and new marketing ideas. You’ll set yourself up for success in the fourth quarter with a plan to increase brand awareness, generate sales and preserve your well-earned brand loyalty. Then look ahead to next year by simply looking at a calendar and jotting down things you know happen in your industry or company during that month. Getting a tentative plan laid out early allows for buffer time to prepare for any hurdles that may come your way.

3. Use Social Media to your Advantage
Factor in Halloween, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any day that might be significant for your unique target market. Knowing that theseimportant holidays are right around the corner, start brainstorming any special events you might manage now. Get creative on social media with contests, relevant hashtags and don’t be afraid to add a little holiday cheer. 

4. Relook at your Target Market and Channels 
Deciding who you are targeting and why you are targeting them is crucial to achieving success. Recall what makes your target market tick. Now is the time to determine the best channel(s) to reach your consumer: Facebook ads, a series of emails, blog posts, a new landing page, radio ads, videos, memes, direct mail, etc. What strategy are you using to make them a cohesive entity? Work together with your entire creative team to ensure progress all the way to the end of the year. 

5. Personalize Email Marketing
Remember that this is the time of year to tap into emotions as people are on the lookout for holiday shopping deals. Personalized email marketing can bring a smile to your client’s face, get them excited for the holidays and maybe even trigger an emotional purchase or two. Don’t miss this opportunity to include their name in the subject line and implement a/b split testing to maximize results. 

6. Check in with a Marketing Mentor
There are always more resources to improve your marketing results. Now is the time to ditch preconceived notions of experience and learn from those who have already improved upon past mistakes. Start by leveraging your own network. Who do you know that is in the same field as you? Former clients, colleagues, supervisors, etc. are the start of your network and are more than likely wanting to see you grow and improve. 

7. Get Creative with Storytelling
Connecting with your customer’s emotional side helps you tap into something greater than just making a purchase. A powerful story can turn them into repeat customers and loyal brand advocates. How do you generally feel when the leaves begin to fall and the holidays are right around the corner? For many of us we begin to think of all the positives: of family and friends coming together, laughing and relaxing, and doing little things for one another to make each other’s day. Why are Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes and holiday cups such a hit? Because it brings with it the warm fuzzy feelings that the holidays have. Starbucks takes full advantage of the nostalgic feeling and you can too. 

Be the brand that cares a little more and put that holiday touch on your promotions to maximize your wins this year (and don’t be afraid to acknowledge that holidays can be tough for some, especially those struggling with anxiety or the loss of a loved one). Get ahead of the curve with all the top marketing ideas, so that you can enjoy the season. Because a well-thought-out plan can go a long way, boost that warm fuzzy feeling with the creative spice that we know you have.  

Want an outside perspective on your plan? Schedule a free consult with Writing by Design and we’ll give you our honest feedback. 

P.S. We want to know: are you on team pumpkin spice or apple cider?  

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism and graphic design and previous digital marketing experience, Kristin Kenowski knows that the key to creating a lasting impression is a dash of creativity paired with a clear and concise message. Prior to joining the Writing by Design team, Kristin worked at a nonprofit for over four years where she developed the social media strategy, managed innovative email marketing campaigns, and increased audience engagement with a variety of marketing efforts.