More than just writing…

More than just writing…

When people read the name of our company, the part that clearly sticks out is ‘writing.’

So are we writers? Yes, but also so much more. We are a group of marketers passionate about creating crystal clear communications. There’s little we love more than taking complex topics and information and synthesizing it down into language that anyone can understand…and be interested enough to read.

Making strategy more than just a buzz word.

The second part of our name is equally important, however, and has a bit of a double meaning: by Design. As marketers, we understand that the key to achieving those crystal clear communications is in the prep work—the strategy. Every project we work on starts with defining the objective, the audience and the desired outcomes. If we haven’t thought through the WHY and the WHO, it doesn’t matter how well we write. The end product will be a mess.

You might think that when we reference “crystal clear communication” that we are only referencing writing. But our communications aren’t limited to simply words on a page. We love using whatever medium will get our message across the best way possible, and sometimes pictures, video, or sound pairs really well with our crystal clear writing, just like a cool, crisp Chardonnay pairs well with just about any seafood.

The reward is doing what we love. The bonus is getting national recognition!

We’ve recently had the opportunity to showcase our Crystal Clear℠ communications expertise on several fun projects that started with strategy and then went well beyond simply writing copy. When a client came to us to launch a new online video storage tool, we explored a variety of ways to both educate and interest consumers. The tool gives marketers easier access to view and clip video recordings of focus group sessions.

We started ideating like we do for all projects—researching—and realized the best time to reach this target audience was when they were sitting in the observation room watching focus groups from the back side of a two-way mirror.

There is a lot of downtime in these rooms, so they are often stocked with candy and small toys like stress balls to help marketers stay engaged (ahem, and awake!). Rather than create a standard table topper, we decided to create a handheld object of our own—a cube that people could be intrigued enough to pick up and read and learn about the new tool. We used the six sides to visually convey our key messages and drive people to the website to learn more.

Once the target audience landed on the website, we had the opportunity to provide more information with an animated video we developed using…Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Who knew! Using simple animations, professional voiceover and upbeat stock music, we were able to develop a short budget-friendly video the company could put on their homepage to quickly explain the tool.

Another client we’ve had the chance to work with for several years is a local technical college that does annual radio spots to help drive enrollment. A well-written script is critical to successful radio ads, and (as with all projects) we started with defining the strategy. We get to brainstorm with the team to learn what makes the school different, who they are trying to reach and the messages that might resonate, and then we get to weave that into creative stories that connect with consumers and convey our message. We work with great local partners to record the professional voiceover, add sound effects and mix the spots.

While writing is our core, we love to tap into our creativity, project management skills and strategic partners to develop engaging and effective marketing communications of all kinds. The icing on the cake? We recently won awards (Communicator and Hermes) for some of these projects!

Whether it’s a blog post, explainer video or radio spot, we love finding just the right medium to communicate a crystal clear message. Interested in seeing how we can help out with your next project? Reach out!

Headshot of Tara Bryant, director of Crystal Clear communications

With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business and more than 11 years of diverse marketing experience, Tara understands that clear communication is the key to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s consumer product goods, higher education, insurance, or healthcare, developing a solid strategy that leads to concise, targeted messaging creates a framework for successful projects and sustainable growth. Tara is experienced in writing copy, designing ads and recording radio spots, and is responsible for leading the Writing by Design team and its clients through each communications project