Great video can win the game—with a writer’s strategy

Great video can win the game—with a writer’s strategy

September brings with it the first signs of fall: hints of crisper weather, trees changing color, pumpkin spice everything and the start of one of my favorite annual past-times: football season. The NFL regular season kicked off last week and so did game-day cookouts and living-room cheering sessions. Football season has also reminded me of some of the great video storytelling that sports networks serve up to enhance the football viewing experience.

NFL Network, ESPN, FOX Sports and other content providers do an expert job of going beyond simple game commentary by airing videos that showcase the human side of the players and coaches who make the sport happen. With all of their supporting content, it’s clear that sports networks know that fans tune in for more than just the game itself. Compelling video storytelling plays a key role in capturing the interest of the many different types of people who gather to watch the game.

Compelling videos don’t just happen on their own, just as executing a complex play on the field requires the sound strategy and technical skill of a good quarterback, it takes a keen writer to help develop an idea into a video that scores major points with viewers.

Video storytelling that highlights the human side of the game

Our favorite football-related video content works to make the individuals we see on screen during the game more relatable. When we, as audience members, learn what makes popular football icons tick—what motivates them, inspires them and makes them more like us—our investment in the game feels a little more sympathetic and personal.

Check out these football videos we love:

While often feeling candid, the inspiring messaging of stories and interviews like these is carefully honed, which a writer’s eye for strategy—in coordination with other key players—can help achieve.

A writer’s role in video, from choosing the play to completing the pass

Whether writing content for a website, new product concepts for consumer testing or a speech for a corporate event, our experience has shown us that effective communication begins and ends with clear articulation of goals and strategies. We use our writing expertise not only to create a message for our clients to use, but to create the right message—one that aligns with our client’s overarching strategy and delivers on relevant goals.

Creating a compelling video is no different, which is why our video services always begin with a team huddle. Collaborating with our client and video production teams early on helps Writing by Design develop a storyboard, shot list, voiceover script or set of interview talking points that film crews can use to capture the right footage—footage that will inspire viewers according or our client’s goals. As seasoned writers, we are in a unique position to oversee the vision of the video project in later stages, too, providing direction to casting directors, videographers, film editors and more to ensure the video stays on target and ends in a touchdown with consumers.

Learn more about how Writing by Design has helped clients use video to achieve their goals in these case studies: one on a fully scripted video project and one on an interview-based video project.

Does video have a place in your marketing playbook? Learn more about Writing by Design’s video services, or tell us about your project.

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