Using Benefit Visualizations to Optimize your Product Point of Difference (POD) 

Using Benefit Visualizations to Optimize your Product Point of Difference (POD) 

Your product is special. You know it, and you want the world to know it, too. But there’s just not enough real estate on the back of that package to tell consumers why they should buy yours and not the competition’s.  

That’s why more brands are turning to video and animation to help tell their detailed product stories online.

A cost-effective approach to visual storytelling

Benefit visualizations, or BVs—an updated term for old-fashioned claims demos, side-by-side demos, or any other detailed visual story about your product—are making a comeback. But this time, instead of being prepared for costly television ads like they were in the ’80s and ’90s, these little storytelling snippets are being prepped for use on the web—and are a whole lot cheaper to produce and faster to get on the “air” than ever before. 

Recently, one of our clients approached us to help them take some meaningful research they had about their product versus their competitors’ and turn it into a compelling story via a benefit visualization (BV). The takeaway from the research was clear, but the testing and the science behind the claim was complicated. How would we show consumers why this research was important?  

That’s where good storytelling comes in—and plain English

The complicated technical terms from the research and development team needed to be broken down and converted to a few simple lines of Crystal Clear℠ language—language that in 5 seconds (yes, five!) could tell a compelling story to the brand’s consumers. It wasn’t an easy task to say the least. What three simple lines of copy could accommodate the visuals? And what would the visuals show to replicate the research? 

Writing by Design led the project, starting with a script and working with our video and animation strategic partner, Northcoast Productions in Green Bay. Together, we were able to lay out a number of storyboards for the client to think about prior to even beginning the 3D animation process. Once whittled down to a manageable number of storyboards, the client decided to produce multiple versions since the cost for animation is quite reasonable compared to high-end video or television production. The client then planned to test which animation communicated the POD the best to the target audience and then very quickly got the “winner” up on the brand’s website to start telling this very important story. 

Think your brand could use a little help in telling its story? Tell us about your project and let us help you get started on your benefit visualization today! 

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Patti Purcell brings 25+ years of journalism and marketing skills together to provide national and international companies with outstanding concept writing services via the company she founded in 2006, Writing by Design, LLC. She and her growing team, based in Wisconsin, have written hundreds of concepts and achieved many successful A.C. Nielsen BASES test scores over the last 10 years using their Crystal Clear™ concept writing methodology.