We’ve got the best job, but sometimes it’s not so loveable

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We’ve got the best job, but sometimes it’s not so loveable

Writing by Design is exactly what it sounds like. A marketing and concept writing agency that focuses on strategic thinking and Crystal Clear℠ writing, which means (you guessed it), we LOVE writing.  

Give us a cup of hot coffee, some music playing lightly in the background, a few birds chirping outside our window, and we’ll write until the cows come home (spoken like a writer from Wisconsin, right?). 

But, there are a few things that make writing not so fun.  

Here are three things we don’t love about writing: 

1. The dreaded blinking cursor. You just groaned because you’ve been there before, right? You’re facing a dragon of a deadline, have had thoughts race around in your mind for days, but when you open a Microsoft® Word document and sit down to write, all you see is…the blinking cursor. There it is, taunting you to type something, but you just can’t seem to formulate what you want to say. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there. Here’s a couple things you can try. First, a nice, hot cup of coffee. There’s a reason writers love our caffeine, because sometimes it really helps to stimulate brain energy and word generation. Secondly, you can just start typing. Anything. Gibberish, Greek, what you’re thinking in your head. Just get those fingers rolling! And finally, you can take a deep breath, step back for a moment to work on another project or take a quick walk (the fresh air really does wonders in getting the creative juices flowing) and the words will come. (If they don’t, we’re always here for you!) 

2. Hearing people say, “Is that really a job?” Yes, it’s true, almost anyone CAN write, but that doesn’t mean they can do it well. We’ve all been victim to receiving a company-wide email riddled with typos, or a letter from our bank that we can’t understand. The truth is, finding the right tone, breaking free from industry jargon and simplifying your communications is harder than you think. We approach each project (no matter the size) with a focus on strategy, boiling it down to WHO is the audience and WHAT is the one thing (not 10 things) we need them to know or do.

3. Exclamation Points!!!!!!! I was once (incorrectly) told to make my writing more exciting by adding more exclamation points. I’m cringing just thinking about it. The truth is, exclamation points are overused. Think of your friend’s last Facebook post, the email from mom or grandmother and handwritten notes on your child’s test from their teacher. They’re everywhere! (I used that one for emphasis on my exasperation.) The bottom line is that exclamation points are OK to use (even though it pains me to admit it) IF you use the proper build up to the much-overused punctuation mark. Set the scene with the writing leading up to the exclamation point so the sentence can be read with the emotion or excitement that it was intended to elicit.  

I want to know—what’s your least favorite thing about writing? Let me know what you’d add to the list by commenting below. 

Minor pain points aside, we love waking up each morning and knowing we’ll be able to help our clients approach their marketing strategically through Crystal Clear℠ writing. If you’re struggling to find the words for an important company-wide change via email, looking to share your expertise via a blog post, want to make your voice be heard through radio ads, or you’re just not sure where to start, Writing by Design is happy to help with all your business writing and marketing needs 

Headshot of Kayde Kempen

Kayde Kempen joined the Writing by Design team in 2016 as a Communications and SEO Specialist and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She has written hundreds of blog posts and e-blasts, both for Writing by Design and its clients, is the lead content writer for Writing by Design’s website/SEO clients, and assists with press releases, concept writing, script writing and more.  

Previously, she worked at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh as an associate marketing manager where she served as a marketing project manager, writer, social media manager and web content specialist. During her five years at UWO, Kempen led nearly 90 website redesign projects. She has a Higher Education Experts certificate in Web Analytics for Higher Ed, and received a 2016 Platinum Hermes Creative Award for Integrated Marketing Campaign, a 2014 Platinum Hermes Creative Award for Overall Website in an Educational Institute and a 2012 Hermes Creative Gold Award for a microsite.