Our Key Takeaway from the QRCA Conference

Our Key Takeaway from the QRCA Conference

I just got back from the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) conference in Phoenix, and it was so refreshing to see all of the excitement around qualitative research. It was Writing by Design’s first time attending, and I have to say, it was a little intimidating to setup our booth alongside some of the larger companies with giant displays and booths.

I had a lot of fun and found that people were really welcoming. We were kind of the new shiny company in town, so we had lots of visitors and good conversations with people stopping by our booth to talk about concept writing.

My biggest takeaway: the message may need some TLC

In talking with and getting to know qualitative research consultants, I learned that there’s a lot of time spent on the methodology and how they’re interviewing or doing research with big companies, but not on the message itself.

The concept—the writing or the stimulus—that is shown to research recruits seems to be an afterthought.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Of course she’s going to say that, that’s what she does,” but it really got me wondering if there’s enough time being spent on what seems like an awfully big piece of the pie.

So, why do I think the message is so important?

If you’re going to invest $30,000 to $50,000 in research that you want to make sure that you invest in the best stimulus to put in front of your recruits.

If you’re not doing that and we can help. We are already working with qualitative research consultants, like Laurie Tema-Lyn of Practical Imagination Enterprises, and we found that by working together we can really give a one-two punch to the research that our clients are putting out in front of their consumers.

Tell us what you think.

Do you think companies are spending enough time or not enough time on the message they are researching? Let us know in the comments below.