Get Your Message into the Cars—and Ears—of Your Consumers with Radio Ads

Get Your Message into the Cars—and Ears—of Your Consumers with Radio Ads

Writing by Design recently teamed up with Moraine Park Technical College to produce fresh, new radio commercials to build their brand, raise awareness of their educational offerings and, ultimately, attract new students.

Creating a radio spot based on sound strategy

Moraine Park Technical College logo

We kicked off our planning with the marketing team at Moraine Park (we had so much fun!), and gathered the goals and direction for two 30-second ads and two 15-second radio spots. The Moraine Park marketing team provided insight into their unique selling points and reasons to believe, and we set out to bundle them all up in a unique, single-minded set of communications.

Because we didn’t want their radio commercials to drown in a sea of sameness, we gathered a group of great minds for an ideation session to review the strategy and work up creative solutions that would help differentiate Moraine Park from other technical colleges. We analyzed their target market and researched examples of radio spots aimed at a younger generation. Assisted by an already powerful tagline, “Imagine what’s next,” Writing by Design found a way to amp up Moraine Park’s unique selling points using just enough humor to catch and keep their young audience’s attention.

Working with local radio producers to bring the spots to life, we helped Moraine Park bring “Siri-ous Direction” (It’s been received so well the Moraine Park marketing team has turned it into a video commercial) and “Gramming that Instajob” to life.

One spot features a teen searching for life’s answers in her car when her smartphone surprisingly begins providing the answers, and the other features a pair of friends reviewing an Instagram post that touts the number of education programs provided and the average starting salary awarded to Moraine Park grads.

Topped off with an audio stamp that now works in conjunction with the “Imagine what’s Next” tagline that Writing by Design suggested to aid in memory and recall over time (ala McDonald’s and Intel), the radio spots are a breath of fresh air in educational marketing.

Our end goal was to amplify the promise that an education from Moraine Park would provide a faster route to a better life by giving each spot a distinct voice and personality. The result? A series of ads that not only help prospective students understand what they can expect from a Moraine Park education, but also break down barriers and kick common technical school misconceptions to the curb.

Don’t take our word for it, listen for yourself!

The commercials are playing in the West Bend, Beaver Dam and Fond du Lac markets through March 2018, but you can listen to two of our favorites here.

  • Siri-ous Direction
  • Gramming that Instajob

Writing by Design can help you ground new radio ads in sound strategy, too. In addition to writing marketing-minded scripts, we can also bring the project full circle by sourcing talent and recording radio ads, and usually for a fraction of the cost you’d spend with a full-service marketing agency. Request a quote today!

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Patty Kitowski, Director of Crystal Clear Communications

With an MBA from Edgewood College, a bachelor’s degree in journalism from UW-Madison and more than 20 years of marketing, branding and public relations experience, Patty Kitowski provides strategic direction for national and local clients’ marketing and copywriting needs. Previously, Kitowski worked as a marketing manager at Ascension Health where she created and led strategic marketing campaigns to grow major service lines. Prior to working at Ascension, Kitowski was a marketing communications manager for TomoTherapy, a medical device manufacturer, and was also a morning show news producer for NBC-15 News in Madison. Kitowski brings experience in copywriting, advertising, media placement, brand alignment and development, social media, focus group facilitation, and tradeshow and event planning to WBD’s clients.