More than a decade later and one thing remains the same—concepts matter

More than a decade later and one thing remains the same—concepts matter

Writing by Design opened its doors 11 years ago with a vision: to help companies launch new products more quickly than ever before with Crystal Clear™ concept writing. As the president and founder of Writing by Design, I am proud to say that we are executing on this vision more than I ever thought possible!

Do concepts really have an impact on new product launches?

Absolutely! A well-written concept not only helps reduce the amount of time needed in the testing phases (both qualitative and quantitative), but also helps reduce the high costs of quantitative testing by getting to a higher purchase interest score more quickly.

Celebrating a growing list of clients who believe in and support our vision

This week we celebrate eleven years of serving national and international clients who value the strength of the writing that our professional writers and marketers bring to their projects. We often hear things like “I’ve never had a 5-star concept before” and “we know you will help us get the story right.” Some clients simply give us a brief on the category and let us recommend concept ideas, while others are far along a path and just want some editing assistance. No matter where they are in the journey, one thing remains consistent: the need for clear, concise and compelling concepts has never been greater.

We are humbled and blessed to be able to serve our growing list of national and international clients while doing what we love every day. We look forward to working with them and many new clients as we continue to grow and provide Crystal Clear™ writing long into the future.

Cheers to 11 years!

Headshot of Patti Purcell, writer and owner of Writing by Design

Patti Purcell brings 25+ years of journalism and marketing skills together to provide national and international companies with outstanding concept writing services via the company she founded in 2006, Writing by Design, LLC. She and her growing team, based in Wisconsin, have written hundreds of concepts and achieved many successful A.C. Nielsen BASES test scores over the last 10 years using their Crystal Clear™ concept writing methodology.