Gathering the essentials for the perfect SEO cookout

Gathering the essentials for the perfect SEO cookout

It’s backyard grilling season in Wisconsin and we’re also halfway through the year, making it the perfect time to take another look at your website. So, what do the perfect recipe for a backyard cookout and your website have in common?

Just like a backyard cookout, cooking up a sizzlin’ SEO strategy takes a bit of planning and a few key ingredients

1. Treat metadata like your invite. No backyard cookout is complete without guests, so you’ll need to make sure you create an enticing invitation. Use your meta title and meta description, which consists of a headline and brief description that show up in search results, and make sure you tell your guests why they should click, or come to your cookout.

2. Don’t forget about your layout. Once your guests arrive, they’ll take notice of your decorations and scope out the drinks cooler, much like they’ll appreciate an easy-to-navigate website with an appealing design and engaging imagery.

3. Speed matters. Crucial to any backyard cookout is serving dinner in a timely fashion. Hungry guests will get cranky and leave, and so will website visitors—and search engines—who have to wait for a slow-moving website to load.

4. Don’t overlook the details. Just like it’s important to make sure your side dishes go well with your main dish, it’s crucial that all of the links on your site work. Search engines notice when links don’t work quite right and avoid showing your site in search results, just like your guests will eat around a side dish that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the meal.

5. Write copy that’s unique and engaging. Now, the most important part of your backyard cookout is the main dish, which you want to be high quality and unique, just like your website content. You’re not just going to slap any old piece of meat on the grill for your guests—you want it to be the best of the best, seasoned with just the right spices for a unique flavor. Your website content should be well-written and sprinkled with just the right keywords with a dash of your brand’s personality for a one-of-a-kind flavor that makes your guests want to come back for seconds.

Need help cooking up the perfect SEO strategy for your organization or company? Writing by Design works with clients and their web developers to cook up language that can turn a website into a delicious, beautifully presented meal and not just words on a website.

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Kayde Kempen has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and previously worked at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh as an associate marketing manager where she served as a marketing project manager, writer, social media manager and web content specialist. During her five years at UWO, Kempen led nearly 90 website redesign projects. She has a Higher Education Experts certificate in Web Analytics for Higher Ed, and received a 2016 Platinum Hermes Creative Award for Integrated Marketing Campaign, a 2014 Platinum Hermes Creative Award for Overall Website in an Educational Institute and a 2012 Hermes Creative Gold Award for a microsite.