Using SEO to fill the need for skilled workers

Using SEO to fill the need for skilled workers

From construction to information technology to manufacturing to sales, the need has never been greater for skilled employees. What’s more, with 6.9 million job openings available in the U.S., according to a recent Department of Labor report, why are Americans still searching for a job? One of the biggest factors is a lack of training.

Filling the skills gap with training programs…and SEO

As the gap in skilled workers increases, technical colleges are looking for innovative and creative ways to help lower the unemployment rate and prepare workers for the demands of today’s workforce. Making course offerings easier to find on the internet using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big part of this effort.

We recently worked with Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC), a technical school in Wisconsin dedicated to helping students enter the workforce in two years or less with in-demand skills, helping them build better awareness of their programs using our Crystal Clear™ communications and SEO copywriting skills. We blend our marketing know-how with our SEO copywriting expertise to not only provide clearer program descriptions, but also to help them show up higher in search engine results, connecting job-seekers with the training necessary to achieve these in-demand jobs.

Using Crystal Clear™ writing to fill an SEO need

The skills gap spans a variety of industries with one thing in common: prospective employees who are hitting the internet and searching for what they need to do to land a new job.

*Google, how do I become a welder?

*Hey Siri, what kind of jobs are available in the healthcare industry?

*Alexa, show me Six Sigma training options in Wisconsin.

By addressing the use of search engines to connect potential workers with training to achieve technical job employment, Moraine Park Technical College not only increases its own visibility and profitability, but helps improve the lives of those who live in their community and in the state of Wisconsin. Well done, MPTC. Well done!

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