What color are your communications?

What color are your communications?

Pantone Color Institute™ recently named “Greenery” the 2017 Color of the Year, and we couldn’t be happier. A near match to the green used in the Writing by Design logo, this refreshing hue reflects how we think about our writing services.

With the weather getting warmer, trees budding, flowers blooming and a new spring in people’s steps, few months of the year feel as refreshing and revitalizing as May. The growth and invigoration we experience each year in springtime is something we try to keep rolling all year round at Writing by Design. Using communications as crisp and enticing as a sunny spring day, it’s our mission to breathe new life into our clients’ ideas so they can blossom and turn, well… green. Catch my drift?

Figurative language aside, it’s no coincidence that the color green is featured prominently in the Writing by Design logo. When we rebranded in 2015, we wanted our logo to capture the benefit that our writing services bring to our clients, and the sense of new beginnings and revitalization communicated in the color green seemed like a natural fit.

Helping businesses’ stories sprout and grow leaves

Every business has a unique story to tell, but cutting through the wintry mix of messaging in the marketplace to reach consumers is no easy task. That’s where we come in, providing a breath of fresh air to consumers with clear and compelling communications. Ultimately, our goal is to help our General Business Writing clients turn their ideas into sales through the spring-like power of fresh, strategic writing.

Writing green-light-worthy concepts

The color green has even more poignant connotations in the new product innovation world. The primary goal of our concept writing services is to help consumer packaged goods companies get the “green light” to launch new product ideas in the marketplace—terminology that will hit home with most product managers. Using Crystal Clear™ writing, we can help companies’ innovation cycle flourish, leading to captured market shares.

“Greenery”: The 2017 Pantone® Color of the Year

When it comes to the power and symbolization of the color green, we couldn’t say it better than the masters of color matching themselves. We were delighted that Pantone chose a color so close to the one in our logo and couldn’t agree more with their lustrous praise of this “life-affirming shade.”

Color can be a powerful way to communicate basic emotional information to consumers—that gut-feeling type of messaging that plays a big role in our decision-making. If you’re not already using a color scheme consistently in your branded communications, there’s no better time than spring to do some colorful soul-searching for your company!

Headshot of Peter Tolly

Peter Tolly is a Crystal Clear™ Communications Manager at Writing by Design and a graduate of Northwestern University, where he studied English and linguistics. He was elected into the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and earned the Shuman Award for Creative Writing and the Faricy Award for Poetry in first place. While completing his studies summa cum laude, he gained experience as a valued member of Market Fresh Books, an independently owned used bookstore, and worked as an intern at Northwestern University Press in the sales and marketing and acquisitions departments. Having many interests, Peter studied German, French, and Latin, worked as a public observing guide at Northwestern’s Dearborn Observatory, and was involved in theatre while at Northwestern. He is an Eagle Scout and enjoys time out-of-doors.