Spring has sprung! Time to see what’s sprouting up from your marketing plan

Spring has sprung! Time to see what’s sprouting up from your marketing plan

April showers are here and May flowers are on the way! Things are growing and changing—nothing stays stagnant in Spring it seems. And your marketing plan shouldn’t either.

As copywriters, we pride ourselves on providing writing for our business clients that’s tied to a strategic marketing plan. Focused copy can help deliver the results you intended to get with your marketing plan. But as months go by and the season changes, things can change. That’s why now is a great time to conduct a quick review of 1st quarter results to see what’s working and whether your assumptions are holding true or not.

If you haven’t scheduled a review of your marketing plan yet, no worries! Here are some tips on how to do it quickly and effectively:

1. Schedule the review now! Find a time that works for key members of your marketing team—and your finance team if you need numbers you don’t have access to on a regular basis. Clearly set expectations for what the meeting is about.

2. If you don’t have your goals broken down into months or quarters, do that now.  Hopefully you have your Key Performance Indicators or KPIs all figured out on how you want to measure success. But if you haven’t taken that step yet, the review meeting is a good time to decide how you can measure the results of your marketing activity to date—and going forward.

3. Recruit every member of your marketing team to help with the analysis. By giving assignments to your staff to help analyze performance numbers, you help provide them with more awareness about the importance of the marketing plan. If numbers are not where they should be, ask your team to come to the review meeting with some thoughts about what to do to fix the results in the next quarter.

4. Change course if something’s not working! A beautiful marketing plan is not meant to sit in a glass display case and collect dust. Rather, it is to be viewed often and changed as needed to steer your company toward success by year end.

5. Communicate changes to your designers and copywriters. Getting your executional team on board with any changes in communication based on early results can help quickly drive your company toward new (and hopefully better!) results.

6. Set up your next review meeting now. Don’t fall behind on reviewing your performance vs. your plans—set expectations for when reviews will happen early in the year and make measurement an important part of your regular business.

So as the grass begins to turn green and the world is in bloom, be sure to use Spring to check on what’s sprouting from the results of your marketing plan efforts this year and every year.

Headshot of Patti Purcell, writer and owner of Writing by Design

Patti Purcell has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and 25 years of marketing and advertising experience. She provides clients with professional, business-minded solutions to copywriting assignments. Established in 2006, Writing by Design has worked with small businesses and Fortune 100 companies alike to help develop language for new product concepts, taglines, radio commercials, website content and more.