A word about… creating lovable communications

A word about… creating lovable communications

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and with the new year in full swing and 2016 projects well underway, now’s a great time to rekindle your love for excellent marketing communications. Here are three tips to help you write communications your consumers won’t be able to resist reading.

1. Muddy messaging vs. Crystal Clear™ communications.

Be on the lookout for “kitchen sink copy,” writing that’s wordy, has excess copy or uses jargon or industry language. Reader’s will want to tackle this kind of messaging as much as they do a sink full of dirty dishes. Crystal Clear™ communications, on the other hand, are single-minded, communicating one, succinct message to consumers using error-free, user-friendly language.

2. Always start with a plan.

This is the best way to make sure you communicate not only a single message, but also the right one. You wouldn’t take a road trip without first looking at a map. Don’t start writing without first defining objectives. Try answering the following questions before getting started:

-What’s driving the need for communication?

-How will the communication serve a higher business objective?

-What’s the end goal or call to action?

-Who’s the audience, what’s the main message and why should they believe it?

Taking a moment to align communications with overarching business objectives—even smaller writings like LinkedIn posts—will lead to clearer, more compelling communications that deliver results.

3. Beware features-only writing.

WIIFM? Ever heard it? No, it’s not a slur. It stands for what’s in it for me, and it’s the question your communications should always answer for your consumers. Don’t just describe whatever it is you’re trying to sell (feature language)—tell consumers why they should care (benefit language). Writing with benefits is the golden rule of copy writing, and it applies to all levels of copy, from headlines to calls to action. WIIFM. Write it down, have a poster made, get it tattooed, fall in love with it…

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, think of every business communication as a first date—an opportunity to make a memorable impression on your consumer that will develop into a fruitful relationship. Writing by Design’s services are designed to provide businesses with communications their consumers will fall in love with over and over again. Click here to learn more about our general business writing services.