A word about… improving new product concepts with launch-worthy writing.

A word about… improving new product concepts with launch-worthy writing.

Many of the clients Writing by Design works with devote entire teams to the innovation process. Their task of bringing the best and brightest ideas to the product launch pipeline requires the perfect combination of insights, research and—last but not least—great concept writing. For teams that handle concept writing work in-house, here are some tips to check if the writing itself is selling new product ideas short or helping put them on the fast-track to launch:

1. Are your concepts short and concise?

If it takes more than 100 words or so to explain your new product idea, your writing could likely use a tune-up. Find ways to condense and combine your thoughts and eliminate language that’s redundant or doesn’t support the overall concept.

2. Are they insightful from the get-go?

Communicating the consumer insight to your target audience right off the bat is the best way to get consumers’ heads nodding in agreement with your proposed new product. Be sure that your concepts’ opening sentences tap into a clearly defined problem or solution that your audience perceives as relevant.

3. Does each concept sing one, unified song?

While there are many moving parts in a new product concept, they must all come together in a beautiful harmony to support one, unified, benefit-driven idea. Make sure each part of the concept is working hard to support the same benefit promise from start to finish.

4. Do features play a strong role in supporting the lead idea?

Now that you’ve zeroed in on a single benefit promise, you need to convince consumers that your new product will deliver on it. Pointing to key product features as reasons to believe (RTBs) will help craft a compelling concept. Make sure these features are clearly defined and explained, and ultimately that they link up well with the benefit at hand.

The best new product concept writing is as much an art as it is a science: a writer must not only know the key ingredients necessary to create good concepts but must also be able to artfully combine them in language that resonates with and sings to consumers. If your new product concepts are struggling to make it past the launch gate, it may be time to have an expert concept writer analyze them to pinpoint the missing ingredient or off-pitch note.

Writing by Design offers concept review services for a low, one-time cost per concept. Feedback from our 5-facet Review can take the guesswork out of the revision process and help innovation teams start writing concepts that win.

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