Why do many new product concepts fail at the quantitative testing gate?

Why do many new product concepts fail at the quantitative testing gate?

New product ideas can fail for two basic reasons: a bad product idea, or a poorly communicated good product idea. Can good concept writing fix both of these? No. Read on.

Too much push, not enough pull

If your new product idea doesn’t resonate with consumers, and your company is attempting to “push” it into the marketplace—either because you have a certain technology or process you want to utilize, or because you are tapping into the wrong insights—your new product concept is likely doomed for failure no matter how well-written your concepts are. This goes back to the old adage that you “can’t put lipstick on a pig.” A bad new product idea that is masked with fancy language won’t trick consumers into buying your product, no matter how many times you try to get a quantitative test to affirm that it will.

Perfectly positioned new product ideas that are poorly communicated

What if your company has found just the right amount of consumer insight paired with an ingenious new product innovation? Well, it too can fail if you fail to communicate it in a meaningful way to consumers. This is probably the single, biggest error companies can make because your competitors may figure it out, leaving your fair share of the market by the roadside because you didn’t.

The truth is, we know many companies are relying on the wrong writers and communicators to get the job done. We know many companies have relied on market researchers, product design specialists, junior ad agency copywriters or marketers to write successful concepts, despite the fact that good writing skills are a far cry from the skills required in many of these positions.

What about the ad agency copywriter, you say? Shouldn’t he or she be able to write concepts well? In theory, yes. But remember that this isn’t the glamorous writing assignment that big ad agencies put their best copywriters on. You will likely get a junior copywriter who doesn’t have a lot of business experience taking a long shot at making your concepts sing.

Is it cheaper? Probably. But the real question is this: have you been successful at achieving top-two box purchase interest scores and launching new products in the past? If your answer is no, it’s probably time to try something new.

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