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Verve, a Credit Union
Palisades Estates
Global Infant Care Brand
Global Transportation Brand
Moraine Park
CitizensFirst Credit Union
Trilliant® Food & Nutrition
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Verve, a Credit Union

Plugging in to provide regular writing support

An ongoing relationship combined with seamless project management integration allows Writing by Design to act as the on-demand writing extension of the Verve team. When this credit union has a communication need that calls for strategically aligned, on-brand language—such as a blog post, website content or a member communication—Verve needs only to ping Writing by Design to get our expert writing team working on the project.


Slipping into our client’s workflow without a splash

Image of a Verve handout with copy that was written by Writing by Design

Becoming integrated in our client’s project management system, which manages the flow of tasks and keeps background information and related communications all in one place, allows Writing by Design to deliver copy quickly with no extra work added to our client’s plate.

Our team has handled a range of Verve’s day-to-day writing needs, from branch handouts to CEO speeches and more, but we have also stepped in to address urgent communication requests requiring sensitive language and rapid turnaround. Whether our writing support is scheduled over weeks or needed in a pinch, plugging into Verve’s project management system has proven to be straightforward and highly effective. Once Writing by Design is assigned to a task, our team has access to all of the information and resources we need to provide the perfect copy for a powerful communication—all within the client’s timeline. After we deliver copy, the client can provide our team feedback and advance the project to its final stages.


A relationship that only grows stronger over time

Providing ongoing writing support as an extension of the Verve team has helped us become familiar with our client’s expectations, as well as with the credit union’s brand voice and unique communication challenges. As a result, our client’s communications get a boost of smart writing in addition to the efficiencies that come with integrated use of Verve’s project management system. As a long-term, integrated partner, Writing by Design can provide services that truly accelerate our client on the path to growth.

Whether you need help writing new content for your website or a speech for an upcoming event, Writing by Design’s expert team can help. Want a 15 percent discount? Tell us about your long-term project today!

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Serving up fresh concepts with Sabra Foods

Co-creation and collaboration were the main entrees served up at project that Writing by Design participated in with a team of experts in 2013. Working side-by-side with researchers, packaging experts, facilitators and a marker-wielding expert we lovingly call “Harvey Marker Hands,” Writing by Design worked for days together with this team onsite to whip up some fresh new ideas for successful hummus-maker, Sabra Foods, for their guacamole line. Complete with a tasty appetizer of Concept Writing 101 served up by our very own experts, the collaborative team proceeded to brainstorm oodles of palette-pleasing new concept ideas, one of which has already made it to market!

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Palisades Estates

Website Redesign Project

Bill Degeneffe, owner of Palisades Estates Condominiums, a Fox Cities condo development, hired Writing by Design to breathe new life into his website and attract new condo homeowners.

Upfront strategy to boost end-results

As with any project, Writing by Design started the project by taking time to meet with the Palisades Estates team to define goals, identify the audience and determine what their audience expects to find on the website.

The end goal of our kickoff? Refresh the Palisades Estates website design and write compelling copy to drive more people to request more information or tours, and ultimately, buy a condo.

A simple, (cost-)effective, website solution

After setting direction for the project, the Writing by Design team researched options to quickly and affordably redesign our client’s WordPress website. We chose a theme that was responsive and had the functionality our client needed, without the need for customizations to ensure we stayed within our budget.

Putting the pieces together: copy, images and analytics

After selecting a theme, we did our due diligence on keyword research to optimize the site for search engine optimization (SEO). We then set to work on writing the copy and partnered with a local photographer to take photos of the condominiums to include on the new site.

To top it all off, we also helped our client set up a Google Analytics account, register their site with Google’s Search Console and create a Google My Business page to help Palisades Estates see how their website is performing, as well as to help them show up higher in local results.

Helping our client put their best foot forward online

The result? A beautiful website that not only reflects the stylish and beautiful condo homes that Palisades Estates has to offer, but also increases visibility and makes it easier for people to ask questions and schedule a tour.

Need help writing compelling copy for your website, boosting your organic search engine ranking with SEO or redesigning your website? Tell us about your project—we’d love to help!

Check out before and after photos of the Palisades Estates Condominiums website redesign



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Global Infant Care Brand

Ideation and Concept Writing

Using Ideation and Concept Writing to Birth New Product Ideas

When an infant care brand approached Writing by Design for help with some global product innovation work, we partnered with one of our strategic business partners to help infuse some new thinking into the walls of the company and bring solid concept ideas to life for testing.

Using creative catalyst and long-time strategic partner, Laurie Tema-Lyn of Practical Imagination Enterprises, Writing be Design was able to assist the client in hosting a full-day innovation session with a cross-functional team of marketers and R&D experts that led to a playground full of concept ideas. 

Playing in a professional playground

Laurie, the queen of creativity, encouraged participants to imagine new worlds and push the boundaries of “in-the-box” thinking—even on a cold, gray day in February! Covering the room in colorful photos and sticky notes and trading pens and pencils for markers and crayons, participants were forced to think—and play—like children for the full day. From our work together, we were able to identify 10-12 solid ideas that became the basis of the 9-month, global concept-writing project that ensued.

From small idea to big business propositions

The Writing by Design team then set to work creating compelling, differentiated concepts that ranged from “can do it today” to “we would need some time to develop that.” Writing by Design handled translating the concepts for the client into three languages using another strategic partner, CSoft International, and used our in-house graphic design team to develop a comprehensive concept deck for the client to use in testing. The client scheduled various rounds of global qualitative testing where the concepts were evaluated and then tweaked post-results.

Charting a course for growth

We are pleased to report that the project received high marks in test, and with a few tweaks to concept ideas, could provide the client with a solid foundation for future growth in this crowded category.

Want to infuse some fresh thinking and solid concept writing into your innovation pipeline? Request a quote today!

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Global Transportation Brand

Creating concepts that drive straight to the finish line

Writing by Design had the opportunity to work with a global transportation brand on some new product concepts. While the client already had a great start on them, they found that bringing the concepts to the Writing by Design “pit crew” to tune them up was a smart move to help speed up their product’s race to the finish line.

Keeping ideas in their own lanes along the way

If you’ve ever worked on a new product concept project, you know how easy it can be to start zigging and zagging between the lanes. Features and benefits start to overlap between concepts and before you know it, there are no clear lines between the cars in the race. Our client saw that this was happening, too, so we brought the concepts into our pit stop and brought our proprietary concept writing tools to the rescue. In no time, we were able to clearly see where the overlap was happening and isolate them in their own lanes for qualitative research.

Several winners emerged in this race

With perfectly-tuned cars–I mean concepts–in the race now, it didn’t take long for our backroom spectators to identify which concepts were winners and which were losers. It was easy to see which of them had the engine power now to win in the market–while staying in their own lane along the way! We waved an imaginary checkered flag as the research ended and we declared a victory on concept writing once again (well, not really, but maybe we should have!).

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Moraine Park

Applicant-boosting radio ads

Ear-catching, brand-building, applicant-boosting radio ads

Writing by Design teamed up with Moraine Park Technical College to produce fresh radio commercials to build their brand, raise awareness of their educational offerings and, ultimately, attract new students.

Getting started with sound strategy and inspiring ideation

We kicked off our planning with the marketing team at Moraine Park by setting the goals and direction for two 30-second ads and two 15-second radio spots. The Moraine Park marketing team provided insight into their unique selling points and reasons to believe, and we set out to bundle them all up in a single-minded set of communications.

Because we didn’t want the radio commercials to drown in a sea of sameness, we gathered a group of great minds for an ideation session to review the strategy and work up creative solutions that would help differentiate Moraine Park from other technical colleges. We analyzed their target market and researched examples of radio spots aimed at a younger generation.

Standout radio ads with serious return

Assisted by an already powerful tagline, “Imagine what’s next,” Writing by Design found a way to amp up Moraine Park’s unique selling points using just enough humor to catch and keep their young audience’s attention.

The commercials are playing in the West Bend, Beaver Dam and Fond du Lac markets through March 2018, but you can listen to two of our favorites here.

    • Siri-ous Direction
    • Gramming that Instajob

Our end goal was to amplify the promise that an education from Moraine Park would provide a faster route to a better life by giving each spot a distinct voice and personality. The result? A series of ads that not only help prospective students understand what they can expect from a Moraine Park education, but also break down barriers and kick common technical school misconceptions to the curb.

Writing by Design can help you ground new radio ads in sound strategy. In addition to writing marketing-minded scripts, we can also bring the project full circle by sourcing talent and recording radio ads, and usually for a fraction of the cost you’d spend with a full-service marketing agency. Request a quote today!


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CitizensFirst Credit Union

(now, Verve, a Credit Union)

Keeping your website fresh with relevant content can mean the difference between coming up first or last on a search engine’s list. Today more than ever, companies are utilizing outside writers to help deliver that content in a variety of ways. Take CitizensFirst Credit Union, for example, who hired Writing by Design to help launch a new website for their 30,000+ member homeowners in 2010. Their Home Life tab delivered both video and print content to CitizensFirst members on a monthly basis.

Writing by Design not only helped implement the launch, but also researched and wrote all the articles. Additionally, Writing by Design conducted the in-person interviews and provided the editing direction for video content to create the final video stories. Writing by Design provided this client with ideas and recommendations for a full-year of editorial content – never waiting for assignments, but proactively providing ideas and solutions for relevant content on an on-going basis.

CitizensFirst also hired Writing by Design in 2013 to help with copywriting for its 2014 updated website. Writing by Design worked hand-in-hand with digital agency Envano to help launch the updated version of CitizensFirst’s website which was a better fit for their current branding.

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Silhouette™ and RealFit™ Product Launches

When Kimberly-Clark’s Depend® brand team was preparing to launch this innovative new product, they called upon Writing by Design to help with concept writing. The initial project was broad-focused, and Writing by Design assisted with thoroughly exploring several different benefit areas with consumers to see which one resonated the most.

Although the Depend brand had carved its brand success out of touting protection benefits, during this research the team discovered a truly hidden benefit that resonated with consumers – discretion. While the concepts still had to reassure consumers that these new, underwear-like briefs for men and women would still protect them, they also promised to provide wearers with keeping their incontinence discreet. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Writing by Design quickly went to work refining the concepts to reflect these insights, and proposed the names “Silhouette™” and “RealFit™” to reflect the overall consumer benefit and this successful new product was launched with just the kind of strategic thinking and focused writing you’ll find at Writing by Design.

Depend®, Silhouette™ and RealFit™ are registered trademarks/TM trademarks of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. © KCWW. All Rights Reserved.

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Trilliant® Food & Nutrition

Online product videos—from start to finish

Writing by Design partnered with NorthCoast Productions to brew up a series of videos for Little Chute-based coffee producer, Trilliant® Food & Nutrition. With more and more consumers stocking their pantries via, and other online retailers, companies like Trilliant have an opportunity to satisfy shoppers’ appetites by serving up their products online—with a side of video.

From café to cart in a few clicks

Have you ever been standing in line at the café wondering what to order? What makes Columbia coffee different from breakfast blend? Why is cold brew such a hot trend? It would be easier to make a purchase if you had all the info, right?

Online shoppers ask the same questions, and Trilliant set out to help consumers choose between their brands’ coffee varieties by differentiating each one with a short, enticing video.

Writing by Design created the vision for each video, wrote the scripts and worked with our preferred provider of all things video, NorthCoast Productions, to bring them to life on screen. To help consumers discriminate among all the varieties, we focused on creating language and personality for each one to help set it apart from the others (our favorite may be the French Roast…ooh la lah!). Having developed the concepts and scripts for the videos, we played a valuable role during filming and post-production by providing direction and feedback to actors, videographers, editors and more.


A caffeine boost for our client’s bottom line

The result? A series of videos that not only helps consumers understand what they can expect from every sip but also uses mouth-watering imagery and crave-worthy descriptors to make clicking “add to cart” easy.

While we know that many people strike out to produce their own online videos, sometimes a blend of strategic, smooth writing and bold video can make for a rich, online communication for your brand.

Learn more about Writing by Design’s Video Scripting services here.

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