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At Writing by Design, we believe that powerful marketing begins with potent language. Our blog is your source for tips and insights into the world of market-minded communication.

A word about… meat & potatoes.

In today’s digital world, your company’s website is the hub of your marketing strategy, and it’s no wonder that businesses commit a great deal of their resources toward maintaining a cutting-edge, online presence. Everyone knows that “content is king.”

While cutting-edge design is an important aspect of your website, we believe the words that appear on it are equally essential to how your consumers engage with your site. If content is king, then you certainly deserve your content to be crafted like it’s a royal treasure because it is. So do you really want website programmers and agencies crafting your treasured message? Probably not, unless they happen to be awesome writers, serving up tight copy that sells your product or service right alongside the code they write to make it appear on the site itself.

When it comes to online marketing, I like to think of websites as dinner plates. The written messages on your site are like the meat and potatoes of your brand, while the website itself is the plate your meal is served up on. Your message needs to be presented somehow so your consumers will dig into your brand. This is an important part of every website and one not to be overlooked.

A website is only as effective a marketing tool as how easily a consumer can find it and how consumers experience the content once they’ve arrived. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the center of the ongoing discussion of online marketing, and design and content both play a role in bumping up your page among Google search results. Just as Google favors ergonomic design, so does it favor regularly updated content that responds to consumer interests. In other words, not all meat and potatoes will do—the ingredients need to be fresh and prepared in an enticing way. For this reason, Writing by Design works with clients and their web developers to cook up language that can turn a website into a delicious, beautifully presented meal and not just words on a website.

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